About Us...

A Service Company
INTERCONNEX was founded to solve problems for audio and video systems users. That includes anyone who needs something as simple as a DVD player installed to a complete custom installation from design through installation and all the way to user education.

Many retailers cannot provide the installation expertise which we have developed through years of experience. As "partners in business" with many retailers INTERCONNEX LTD fills the gap between the retailer and the customer.

Founded in 1999 INTERCONNEX was initially created to simply hook up systems for the "technically challanged". INTERCONNEX services rapidly expanded to include system design, pre-wires and trouble shooting. In early 2003 INTERCONNEX became INTERCONNEX LTD. Since inception we have helped thousands of clients from those "technically challenged" to the expertly adept hobbyist and fellow professional installers.

Our Goal
"We strive to provide each of our clients with an outstanding value. The challenge is that values vary from one client to the next. That is why we view every installation as a custom installation. Each and every client is unique."

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